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Students, who wish to pursue a BCA Degree through Distance Education. Then join Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh offers one of the best universities to the students. BCA, Bachelor in Computer Applications, is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid development of the IT industry, the demand for skilled computer professionals has greatly enlarged, thus creating several high-income job opportunities for computer specialists. BCA is one of the most sought after courses in computers among students who are looking to enter the IT field.

If you are planning to choose for this BCA course regularly but for some reason are unable to, you can go for a correspondence or distance course. At Distance BCA education in Chandigarh, you can choose from 200+ verified universities for Correspondence BCA Education in Chandigarh. At Correspondence BCA Education in Chandigarh, you can come across 310+ Correspondence BCA Colleges in Chandigarh offering comprehensive BCA courses to all wishful candidates. These courses make sure that you are consumed with the essential skills to make a bright career in the field of computers and technology.

Once you fill-up the form by declaring your needs, our Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh experts will get back to you with a list of the most suitable course providers. You can check out the facilities and course structure provided by these universities before choosing any particular one. So, go ahead and register yourself with the best Correspondence BCA in Chandigarh through Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh.

Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh helps you to clear all your doubts concerning distance education courses and answers all the questions that may be troubling you. We are here to help you out in opting for the best courses according to your interest. We have expert team members working for us who you can trust and they will guide you at every step to make your career, even after you take the admission. In fact, we provide placement consultancy too.

What is BCA?

BCA is an undergraduate course study on information technology where a candidate learns many computer applications to solve or create new web or software technologies with creative ideas and technical skills. BCA distance education in Chandigarh is basically a 3-year degree course. But sometimes a candidate gets fail or left education in the mid because of many reasons like financial problems, other family priorities, etc. so, we have a solution for those candidates who had to leave their study. They can now complete their Distance BCA in Chandigarh. The BCA curriculum is completely matched with the best BCA course in Chandigarh.

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If the student is already working and want to pursue Distance BCA, Weekend classes will be offered and online CMS will be accessible. We are always developing ourselves to provide the best BCA universities or colleges in Chandigarh. Distance Education in Chandigarh can help you in the research process and guide you to make the best decisions at the right time. Students who are looking at getting a degree in their chosen field but want to opt for a good and trustworthy university that offers distance education courses at affordable fees can also come to Distance Education in Chandigarh for assistance. We will help you to choose the best university.

What are the eligibility criteria for joining Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh?

To get into any of the top BCA Distance universities or colleges, candidates must have a 12th completion certificate from a recognized institute with a minimum of 45% marks. It is essential to note that some of the reputed BCA colleges or universities have their own entrance examination to control the capability of the students, based on which they decide if they can enroll.

The curriculum of Distance BCA Education

Sem I

  • Basic Business Communication
  • Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
  • Basic Business Accounting
  • Principles of Management
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (OA+PPA)


  • Organizational Behavior
  • Cost Accounting
  • Elements of Statistics
  • ‘C’ Programming
  • File Structure and Database Concepts
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (C.P +DBMS)


  • Data Structure using C
  • Software Engineering
  • Management Accounting
  • Numerical Methods
  • Computer Laboratory and Practical Work (D.S +RDBMS)

Sem IV

  • Visual Basics
  • Inventory Management (SAD)
  • HR Management
  • Basic Networking
  • Object-Oriented Programming using C++

Sem V

  • Internet Programming and Cyber Law
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Core Java
  • Project work ( VB )
  • NET Frameworks
  • Computer Laboratory & Practical Work (.NET + CoreJava )

Sem VI

  • Advanced Java
  • E-Commerce
  • Introduction to SysPro And Operating Systems
  • Project Work ( You will opt for your project based on your three-year study)
  • Multimedia Systems
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What are the job opportunities available for Correspondence BCA Course Professionals?

Right career choice according to your propensity is of utmost consequence as a career choice and your university degree is among the few things in life that you cannot change that easily, so a lot of consideration is essential. .After the completion of the Correspondence BCA Course, you will get a lot of job opportunities. Some of the most popular job roles for BCA Distance Learning experts are:

  • PHP Web Developer: PHP web developers are those who create design and programming software to create numerous websites; They use design and backend programming software to create several Internet websites/applications. PHP web developers work on as well as initial technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Office Administration: Office administrators’ major duties may include offering administrative support to staff, organizing files, planning travel for executives, performing bookkeeping, and processing payroll. Scheduling meetings and events, and organizing any essential materials for them.
  • Database Administrator: Database administrators are for setting up databases according to an organization’s needs and make sure they operate efficiently. They will also fine-tune, upgrade, and test moderation to the databases as required. With information so readily available in this era of apps, tablets, and social media, data has become the new valuable organizations must protect and cherish. More than anyone else, database administrators are dependent on as the guardians of this cherish, executing security measures to ensure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the hands of the unruly appropriate while also directing the databases that help store and organize it.
  • Network and System Administration: A Network Administrator’s main responsibilities involve installing, configuring, and supporting a company’s local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), internet systems, and/or a segment of a network system. Daily job duties may depend on the size of a company’s internet. For example, at a small scale organization, a network administrator may be directly responsible for performing updates and maintenance on the network and IT systems, as well as overseeing network switches and setting up and observing a virtual private network (VPN). However, at a large scale organization, responsibilities may be more wide and managerial, such as overseeing a team of IT experts and working with network architects to make decisions about equipment and hardware purchases and upgrades.
  • Software Programmer: A software engineer is also called a developer, but IT specialists and tech recruiters know there is a difference between engineers and developers. While there tends to be a flap between the two roles, the key difference is the formal training engineers receive. In some countries, it’s legally needed to have a degree in engineering to hold the title. Often working in teams, software engineers oversee the development procedure. They apply engineering best practices to create a stable system that reduces unnecessary transactions and is composed of interdependent programs and software. When the system is complete, software engineers are assigned to regular testing and keeping the software. Their optimum concern is the quality and stability of the system.
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Why us for Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh?

Join Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh, for all bachelor’s and master’s Courses. We promote Distance education, Distance learning, and Correspondence education for those Students who were unable to join the degree courses due to their own problems. We offer the best Distance education college or universities in Chandigarh offering admission guidance and coaching classes for Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses Approved by UGC and the Government of India and recognized universities.

  • Students can contact us for the Distance Admission process for BA Program Courses and B.com Courses. Along with the admission guidance for School of Open learning, we also offer BA Program and BCom courses for all subjects offered by the Distance BCA Education in Chandigarh for Ist year, 2nd year, and 3rd year.
  • Distance Education is a cost-effective option for attaining knowledge
  • Ease of learning (correspondence/online)
  • Time-saving (no need to attend regular classes)
  • No entrance test
  • Job opportunities to make a career in the IT sector
  • Gaining IT knowledge at your convenience
  • Flexible scheduling and many more
  • Our flexible and functional courses can be completed from anywhere, any time. You have the many options of opting for Technical, Management, IT, Traditional, Teaching, and ParaMedical streams.
  • Our fees are arranged in such a way that you will be smiling all the way to your desired career goals. Online & flexible payment modes make you and your parents’ lives easier.
  • Despite being primarily an online/distance education provider, we understand your needs for individual attention to clear doubts, and also the practical requirement of having weekend teaching/coaching programs for our students at our correlated universities.

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